Build A Men's Skincare Routine You'll Actually Follow
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Build A Men's Skincare Routine You'll Actually Follow

by Jeffery Racheff

Men’s skincare is becoming more of a trending topic in this day and age. No longer is taking care of your skin seen as “girly”, and now we actually have products designed for men’s skin. It’s a whole new world, baby - and guys just want to look good and age well (without too much work).

Men’s skincare comes down to using some simple, quality products right now to set yourself up for a good-looking mug in the future. No worries if you don’t know where to start; we’re breaking skincare down for you right here in this handy guide.

What is a Skin Care Routine?

A skincare routine is a set of products you use and steps you follow to take care of your skin. Think of it as your tool kit. Some skincare routine musts should include a face wash, moisturizer/lotion, face scrub, and SPF.

Start a routine by washing your face at night with a cleanser. We suggest the Every Man Jack Face Cleanser. Make it a habit (takes 21 days to form, BTW) then consider washing morning and night based on your skin type. Boom, you have yourself a skincare routine.

Does My Skin Type Impact Any of This?

It definitely does. Your skin type plays a significant role in the kinds of products you use and how often you use them.

Oily skin types will want to look for products with ingredients that will draw out dirt and oil from pores, like activated charcoal. Dry and sensitive skin types will want to look for products with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, like shea butter, cocoa butter, or aloe vera.

Determining Your Skin Type

Your skin type will be pretty telling of what products you should use and how often you should use them. Don’t know what your skin type is? Bro, we got you.

Oily Skin

Dry Skin

Normal Skin

Combination Skin

Sensitive Skin

Excessive shine on forehead, around nose, and on the chin (aka the T-zone).

Rough & dry in certain areas— maybe even some flakiness.

Neither too dry or too oily— rarely any skin issues .

Some parts of the face may be oily, other parts may be dry.

Stinging, burning, redness, easily broken-out.

8 Basic Skin Care Pointers

Follow these easy pointers and you’ll be well on your way to cleaner, clearer skin.

Start With A Cleanser

Let’s be real, you’ve probably gone to bed one too many nights without even thinking twice about washing your face. We’ve all been there. But, the first step to developing healthy skincare habits is to wash your face daily with a facial cleanser.

Maybe you’re used to using the ole reliable bar soap and water. But a face cleanser works so much better to wash away the dirt, sweat, and grime that accumulates during your day. Think about all the things you do and the places you go: the gym, the office, the hiking trails, the bars. Trust us, a bar soap won’t cut it for getting out all the gunk.

Meet Every Man Jack Face Cleanser. Our formulation of naturally derived ingredients is gentle on all skin types and works its magic in cleansing and soothing your skin with subtle scents that won’t overwhelm you.

Moisturize and Protect

Have you moisturized lately? No? Yikes.

Moisturizing gives dry, flaky skin the boot and also helps combat general wear on your skin— fine lines, wrinkles, all that jazz.

Face lotions and moisturizers are easy to apply and will prevent your skin from feeling desert-dry thanks to super hydrating ingredients. Check out which kind of moisturizer you should use based on your skin type below.




This is your sign to start exfoliating. Exfoliating is a key step in any skincare routine to gently remove dry, dead skin cells and wash away dirt and oil. Exfoliating before you shave gets you the smoothest, cleanest shave possible with less chance of irritation and ingrown hairs.

Start by exfoliating 2-3x times per week, gently working an exfoliator, like Every Man Jack Face Scrub, in small, circular motions around your face for about 30 seconds. You’ll notice the difference right away, we swear.

Pay Attention To Your Eyes

Using an eye cream, no matter what age, is going to add youth back around your eyes and help reduce the darkness and puffiness that happens to the best of us.

Every Man Jack Triple Action Age Defy Eye Cream targets three key under-eye problems: lessens dark circles, smooths fine lines, and reduces puffiness. You should probably apply a little extra after a long night out.

Use Post-Shave Products

Post-shave products, like face lotion, can help soften and soothe razor-irritated skin after you shave— it could even encourage healthy beard growth and prevent ingrown facial hairs.

Every Man Jack Natural Post Shave Balm is a great solution.

Wear Sunscreen

You know that triple-pocket-check before you leave the house? Keys, wallet, phone? Add SPF to that list. Wearing sunscreen daily helps tremendously with anti-aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Oh, and it obviously helps prevent sunburns. Throw on a hat, too, just to be safe.

Sun exposure does a number on your skin, leading to sun spots, loss of elasticity, a leathery texture, and fine lines. Good news, though; that’s pretty preventable by wearing sunscreen with a 20 or higher SPF.

The lightweight, non-greasy formula of Every Man Jack SPF 30 Sun Shield Sunscreen is the perfect spray-and-go option that offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Plus, it’s ocean and reef safe.

Acne-Prone Skin? Use The Right Stuff

If you struggle with acne-prone skin, it’s a good idea to use products specifically designed for you. Look for things that will draw out dirt, oil, and impurities from your pores, reduce the appearance of pore size, and create a matte appearance. 

You can also implement our Acne Spot Treatment to tackle stubborn pimples. 

Combat Aging Skin

Aging skin is normal, so don’t try to fight nature too hard while it’s taking its course. But if you’d like to restore some youth in your face and smooth out some fine lines, we got you covered.

Start with our Age Defy Time Defense Skin Set, starring Pepha-Tight™ — an incredibly useful anti-aging ingredient that tightens and firms up loosening skin while reducing wrinkles.

Remember, wearing sunscreen, eating a healthy diet with vitamin- and mineral-rich foods, and getting adequate sleep will all contribute to anti-aging.


Wrapping Up


With a little bit of help and a whole lot of powerful, clean ingredients that are good for your skin, you can feel confident about starting a skincare routine that you’ll actually stick to.

Refer back to this guide when you need a refresher on skin types, skincare basics, and other anti-aging tips— your skin looks better already.