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Your summertime routine was one for the books. Scenic hikes, epic beach sunsets, tough rides in the blazing sun. But now, a new kind of adventure awaits you: college.

Whether you’re a first-year at a new school or a senior returning back to campus for your final year, the obligations of your schedule don’t discriminate. Between classes, practices, studies, parties… you’ll be looking like a raccoon-eyed zombie before you know it. College life takes a toll on your physical appearance, but have no fear. We’re here to help you clean up nice.

Make room, ramen & Macbooks, there are a few new things we’re adding to your school supplies list. We’ve compiled a lineup of some of the best grooming gear to pack for college so you can look, smell, and feel like you’re Ivy League.

The Best Grooming Gear You Should Pack for College

School supplies aren’t just exclusively laptops and dorm room necessities (invest in a good mattress topper and thank us later).

You need the right grooming products to maintain your self-image and well-being. Taking good care of your appearance makes you look better, smell better, and sets yourself up for success down the road because of the way you’re treating your skin, hair, and body right now. What’s wrong with your old high school body wash? It’s loaded with scientific-sounding chemicals and unnatural colors that look like a chem class experiment.

Having a solid grooming routine not only keeps you clean and fresh, but it makes you feel damn good about yourself.

Men’s Body Wash

We’re starting off nice and easy. A cleansing shower gel or body wash is one of the most essential grooming products to add to your college school supplies list. Here are the realities: you’re gonna get sweaty, you’re probably going to go to bed many (many) nights without even thinking twice about taking care of your skin, you’re gonna party and want to smell and look like the ten you know you are. So, you need a body wash or shower gel that smells damn good but doesn’t use all those harsh chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. Something that’s good to your body and actually gets you clean, like with plant-based ingredients.

Opt for something that won’t irritate sensitive skin, but deeply cleanses and hydrates, like Every Man Jack Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash. You barely have enough time to juggle your classes, practices, and social life, you don’t have time for itchy, dry, or red skin.

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

You’re no stranger to sweat or funky smells that come from just about any other guy you run into on campus. Men’s deodorant is an absolute must for college students like you.

Add a nice aluminum-free deodorant to that school supplies list for long-lasting odor protection that doesn’t throw your natural sweat gland functions out of whack. We recommend Every Man Jack Cedarwood Deodorant to smell like the best of nature while staying dry and feeling fresh. While everyone else is smelling like the newest reiteration of SWAG or Sea-Kraken, you’ll be smelling like clean, fresh, outdoor-inspired goodness.

If you’ve never tried aluminum-free deo, this is your sign. It’s 2021, you’re college-educated— it’s about time you switch to a deodorant that’s better for the environment and better for your body.

Facial Moisturizer

If you’re like us, you probably like to keep things simple; like using a bar of soap to wash your face kind of simple. But hear us out.

Your skin loses so much moisture during the day, whether it’s from walking around campus, hitting the weight room early, or stressing-sweating about an exam. You need a moisturizer to help retain and replenish that moisture that’s lost.

Moisturizing your face smoothes out fine lines and helps prevent those dark circles under your eyes you’re no stranger to after an all-nighter, which is exactly why you need to add a facial moisturizer to your school supplies list. Every Man Jack’s Fragrance-Free Face Lotion soothes, hydrates, and protects your skin to do the trick.

Also, it helps not to be an assh*le to your body— getting some quality sleep, drinking some water, and eating something green from time to time won’t kill you. Your skin will thank you.

Hair Care

Dedicate some TLC to your hair (that otherwise gets neglected under hats and beanies) with a solid shampoo, conditioner, and beard wash (for our bearded fellows) to use every day. Regardless if you’ve got a really stylish cut, or if you roll out of bed and call it a day, washing your hair with the right products— like Every Man Jack 2-in-1 Daily Shampoo + Conditioner— keeps it healthy, clean, and strong. Plus, they help you smell really good.

The hair on your face deserves some pampering from time to time, too! Grooming and caring for your beard is really simple— just add a beard wash and maybe a beard oil to your school supplies list for a high-quality face mane that looks and feels clean. Better yet, start with an Every Man Jack Exalted Beard Set to get allll the good stuff without allll the shopping.

Wrapping Up

Now listen, college is an exciting time, and maybe grooming products and personal hygiene are the last things on your mind. But taking care of your skin, body, and hair with products that work great and smell even better will help improve every aspect of your student life. So, make that school supplies list and check it twice— you don’t want to be without these grooming essentials this year. Bros don’t let bros smell like a dumpster fire. Sharing is caring, man!

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