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  • Fragrance Free / Standard (7346571280546)
  • Fragrance Free / Standard (7346571280546)
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Frequently Asked Question

Are your products natural?

Our products are up to 99% naturally derived. We use as many plant-based ingredients as possible to deliver exceptional performance without ever using harsh chemicals. No phthalates, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no dyes, and never tested on animals.

How often should I use this and how much?

The frequency of use may depend on the product and your hair type. As a general rule of thumb, lather a small dollop of 2-in-1 product in wet hair morning and/or night. For styling products, use a dime sized amount when desired.

What does it mean that you're "responsibly made"?

We take every effort to make responsible and sustainably-minded choices. Aside from using naturally derived ingredients and zero harsh chemicals, Every Man Jack products are made in the USA and certified Cruelty Free with packaging bottles made with 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Why should I use Fiber Cream over other styling products?

You should use fiber cream if you're wanting to add some texture and thickness to your hair. Fiber cream has a strong yet pliable hold, great for normal to fine, thinning hair. Plus, it’s low shine and fragrance free.