Who Nose Best: Finding Your Signature Scent

Who Nose Best: Finding Your Signature Scent

by Jeffery Racheff

Scent can transport us across time and place. The smell of fresh bread might snap you back to Mom’s kitchen. One bad night with tequila can make you nauseous at the mere thought of it. Your first girlfriend’s perfume can break your heart decades later.

That’s why finding your own signature scent – something you can own as a personal trademark, so that anyone who encounters it will be reminded of you – is so important. It’s how you want to be remembered.


Choose Wisely

So how should you choose your John Handcock? (That’s a “signature” joke.) Does the perfect scent drop from the great fragrance-maker in the sky, land beneath your nose, and yell “I AM YOU”? Or is it all just a throw at the olfactory dartboard, giving you whatever cologne or aftershave or deodorant you hit first?

First, think about the scents that you just can’t forget. Do they tend to be warm or cool? Musky or citrusy? Do they smell like a walk through a sawmill, a hike through a coastal forest, or like weathered oak in your favorite whiskey lounge? In other words, imagine your ideal scent as an experience.

  • If you’re not sure, go with our Sea Salt body wash – it’s the lightest of our scents yet still provides long-lasting freshness.
  • Or check out our ~fanciest~ scent, Hinoki Spice.


Every Man Jack Deodorant


Next, think about the aesthetic you’d like to give off. Scent is one of our most powerful senses because it connects to the area of our brain that processes emotions and memory. So the scent that follows you is important not only to you, but to the people around you.

  • See yourself as a rugged, old school kind of guy? Try our Cedarwood line. Rosemary and sage combine with the forestry feel of cypress and citrus peel to create an old fashioned, vintage essence.
  • Are you more laid back and go-with-the-flow? Get our best selling Sandalwood scent. It’s warmer and woodsier, with notes of fresh cut grass and hints of vanilla that make for a gentlemanly aroma.
  • If you picture yourself as a clean cut, buttoned up, and ambitious man, try the limited-edition Crimson Oak. With notes of oak, citrusy bergamot, lemon, and ginger, you’ll exude an uplifting aura no matter where you are.


Cologne: Scent for Gents

Decided on a signature scent? Good. Now you’re ready to tackle the major leagues of powerful signature smells: cologne.

Adding a signature men’s cologne to your repertoire can up your style game. It’s a confidence booster that can help you feel more self-assured, provide a great first impression maker for meetings, dates, or even awkward moments in the elevator, and it can even enhance your mood. That’s a great pick-me-up for the outside when you might not feel as fresh on the inside.

  • Our recommendation? Strike the perfect balance between suave and savvy with our Cedarwood and Sandalwood colognes.


Every Man Jack Cologne


Spritz With Caution

This is important. As a general rule of thumb, cologne should be used very lightly. That means not dumping an entire bottle on yourself to mask a run-in with a skunk, and not using it as a substitute for daily showers, clean clothes, and good hygiene.

To apply your cologne most effectively, you’ll want to spray in the “hot spots” that your body generates. This includes your pulse points like your inner wrists, inner elbows, and behind your ears. You’ll also want to spray your cologne directly on your skin before getting dressed, which will trap the cologne in your clothes and make it last all day long.


When It Comes Down To It…

…Choosing your signature scent is all about deciding what smells natural to you. It should feel comfortable, sustainable as a habit, and provide you with a little extra pride in your unique personality.

And if you strike out (or your girlfriend unexpectedly vetoes your favorite), just get a bundle of our best sellers and take yourself on a little exploration. Your nose will find the way.