Andrew Alexander King is an adventurer-of-all-trades. An alpinist, free diver, and big wave surfer, he’s climbed over 50 mountains and surfed big waves in oceans around the world. So it’s no wonder that, in 2022, he was voted one of Outside's Most Influential People in the Outdoor Industry.

After growing up in Detroit, Andrew moved to Hawaii when he was 10 years old. The spectacular hiking, surfing, and climbing there sparked his love for the outdoors. Now he spends his summers training in Los Angeles and his winters in Nazaré, Portugal, surfing big waves and summiting new mountains.

When he’s not traveling the world, Andrew is dedicated to giving back. He’s the founder of The Between Worlds Project, a foundation that provides guidance and media exposure to people fighting economic barriers, and works alongside Every Man Jack as a volunteer with Big City Mountaineers. Together they help provide free, fully outfitted, and professionally led outdoor and backcountry trips for youths from communities that have historically lacked equitable access to nature.

Through his generosity, Andrew inspires us to not only connect with ourselves and the world around us, but with the people who encourage us along the way.