Born and raised in Rio Vista, a small farm town just outside San Francisco, Sean Mahoney is an elite athlete and former world #8 ranked breaststroke swimmer. For the last 7 years he’s worked to improve Fitbit’s algorithms while simultaneously training for triathlons – he finished his first full-distance race last year. He is newly engaged with the wedding date set for next year. Congrats, Sean!

Sounds like Sean has it all, so we sat down with him to learn how he handles the amazing things going on in his life. From how he got into triathlons to what he likes doing in his spare time (and how many Crumbl cookies he can eat in one sitting), Sean is one of a kind.

How did you get into triathlons?

"Exercise is my medicine - it keeps me calm and healthy. In triathlon, I'm really inspired by watching Chris Lieto and Craig Alexander. Chris actually used to swim in the same club group as me while - was a competitive swimmer."

As an Every Man Jack athlete, you embody our motto of “inspiring men to take care of themselves and connect with the world around them.”

How do you inspire others to take care of themselves and connect with the natural world?
“I’ve gotten quite a few of my family members counting their steps and thinking about health a little more. We’ve become the kind of people who bring salads to family dinners and I'm good with that. Being healthy is an investment in yourself but, arguably more importantly, all the people you love.”

“My brother is a sheep and cattle rancher.”

“One month, I averaged 5 Crumble cookies a week. This dessert habit has been decreased substantially.”

“I’ll save the truly crazy stories for another time but in 2011, after qualifying first in the heats at the US Open, I completely shanked it in finals. Personally incredibly depressed, myself and Cal teammate Robbie Sullivan decided to book one-way tickets to Hawaii. We had an absolutely epic time with two of my best friends who attended UH Manoa. 

After two weeks there I got a call offering a roll-down spot for the Pan American Games, which was happening in like six weeks. Of course, I said yes but after two weeks of vice I was anxious how my performance would be affected. After buckling down I went there and secured a Gold Medal for team USA and broke the meet record in the process (at altitude). It was an amazing experience that showed tangibly how things can turn out if you push through when things get dark.”

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