Demystifying Beard Oil: Everything You Need to Know
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Demystifying Beard Oil: Everything You Need to Know

by Jeffery Racheff

In the earliest days of mankind, the only thing we had to protect our faces with was our facial hair. It may have been coarse, matted all over, and a home for small birds, but it shielded our skin from every kind of daily disaster.

Today the benefits of a great beard haven’t changed all that much. We still use them to attract mates and warm our faces. The best ones can even soften the blow of an unexpected sucker punch.

Unfortunately, a sickly, mangy beard can’t do any of that. If you’re plagued by a glassjaw and unwanted creatures living under your nose, you may be missing out on one of the simplest and most effective beard care and maintenance tools there is: beard oil.

Today, we will be looking at powerful elixirs like Every Man Jack's Beard Oil. These elixirs are made to nourish and condition facial hair. They provide benefits for hair growth, maintenance, styling, and controlling unruly hair. These elixirs offer a variety of benefits for hair growth, maintenance, styling, and controlling unruly hair. And they're just one part of Every Man Jack's full beard care lineup.


Beard Oil Promotes Beard Growth


Is your beard flimsy and stringy and patchy and downright depressed? Daily use of beard oil can help promote facial hair growth, using essential nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for healthy generation.

These nutrients penetrate the hair follicles, stimulating growth and making your beard appear fuller and thicker. Regular use of beard oil can also help prevent patchy or uneven growth and help prevent beard itch, giving you a more uniform and attractive beard that would make your cavemen ancestors proud.


Every Man Jack Beard Oil


Beard Oil Moisturizes and Conditions


Does your beard crunch like cornflakes every time you touch it? It may be miserably dehydrated. It’s coarser and more wiry than anything on your head, making it prone to brittleness. And that means split ends, breakage, and an overall unhealthy appearance.

But beard oil – especially one like Every Man Jack’s Beard Oil that’s packed with Vitamin E and Argan Oil – contains natural moisturizing ingredients which penetrate the hair shaft and provide deep hydration. The result is silky soft facial hair that even random strangers on the street will want to run their hands through.


Beard Oil Can Prevent Itchiness and Irritation


Is the itching on your face so bad that it feels existential? Like you’re clawing at a vast emptiness inside? Well, you should probably go to therapy. Also beard oil. Actually you should probably do both.

The early stages of growing a beard can come with itchiness. This is because the hair follicles are still adjusting to the new growth and can become dry and irritated. But beard oils can help alleviate this discomfort by providing moisture and nourishment to the skin underneath the beard. This can also help prevent beard dandruff (aka beardruff) and flakiness, keeping your beard looking and feeling healthy.


Beard Oil Adds Shine and Luster


Does your beard lack that certain je ne sais quoi? Give it a prickly pick-me-up with beard oil, which not only nourishes and conditions the hair, but also adds a gleaming shine to your beard.

This is especially beneficial for those with coarse or curly beards, as it can help tame frizz and give your beard a more polished appearance. The oils also help to seal the hair cuticles, preventing moisture loss and giving your beard a healthy sheen.


Every Man Jack Beard Care Lineup


Beard Oil Smells Amazing


Finally, does your beard smell like a musty attic of old baseball cards and mummified rats? A dose of our Sandalwood Beard Oil will shape things up right quick.

Packed with essential oils, it’s a complex blend of earthy, woodsy scent notes that’s like a walkabout in a woodworking shop. Plus it can have a calming and soothing effect that’s been shown to possibly help reduce stress and promote relaxation.


So What’s a Bad Beard To Do?


After all that, it should be pretty clear: it’s time to oil up. Whether you’re looking to promote a healthy, bushier beard that can bounce back a fist, or just grow something amazing that looks amazing and feels amazing, beard oil is the tool for you.

And for that extra special occasion when you need a high-performance, high-octane beard oil – check out our Small Batch Beard Oil. With premium ingredients and a top shelf scent that includes a complex blend of cypress, peppered citrus, and jasmine, it’s like a barbershop in a bottle.