If you're trying to pick Truth Smith out of a lineup, just look for the guy having the most fun. The up-and-coming slopestyle snowboarder embodies stoke in every aspect of his life - on the mountain, in the air, and at the podium.

Truth first made waves in the snowboarding world by pioneering a groundbreaking trick: the double pretzel flip off and up rail, a feat that quickly gained traction across social media platforms and the ski/snowboarding community.

While carving through the slopes and streets are Truth's first loves, there is one other passion that might eclipse them all: tacos.

Adventure. Joy. Excellence. Truth epitomizes them all as he continues to push boundaries and defy gravity. With every flip, rail grind, and taco-filled celebration, he leaves and undeniable mark on the world of extreme sports, reminding us all to embrace every moment while always pursuing the things we love.

“My favorite contest is the Edmonton World Cup Big Air and it's in a huge football stadium, or Canadian Football stadium. They build this huge jump called a scaffolding jump, so it's made out of metal. Last year it was like a 65-foot jump and you drop in from above the stadium. It's crazy. It's so scary but it's so fun and then you come down and you're in the air and it's just a football stadium and there's people everywhere."

"Biggest role model is my dad for sure. He's a very hardworking guy, so I've been able to do the things I've loved and I've been able to see that as I've grown more. He also has this bit of a balance where he works hard but he can still go mess around with this kids at the skatepark or the snowboard park."

"Love to skateboard. I love to hit the lakes and cold dip. I've been into cold dipping lately. It's my new favorite thing. So yeah, I'd usually just hit rope swings with the homies and we'll just go to the lake, go skate. When I'm in Whistler in the off season, that's just what we do every day."