From small town to big adventure

Michael is a firefighter/paramedic from Alberta, Canada. Outside of work he is a devoted husband, father, triathlete, coach, coffee snob, and donut connoisseur, among other things. Growing up in a small prairie community, Michael was captivated by a life of adventure and would take a stab at anything once just to see what might happen. Today, joining his humor and passion for others, Michael finds fulfillment in giving back to his community by empowering others to arrive at their true potential – in both life and sport!

From countless hours at the firehouse, hundreds of miles on the road and water, AND raising afamily, Michael is adept at finding presence in every moment. In true Canadian fashion, he's oneof the nicest people you'll ever meet. That's why we were excited to talk to him and learn moreabout his journey into Triathlon. We sat down with Michael to discuss how his team-firstmentality helps him through every aspect of his life, and his lifelong effort to uplift the peoplearound him.

So, Michael, how did you get into triathlons, and who inspired you?

"Simon Whitfield was a huge inspiration to the sport for me. Initially, I got into the sport to cross-train through an injury to keep in shape for Cross Country running. Swimming and biking becamemy rehab. Over the last few years my "why" has constantly been changing and developing. Rightnow my "why" is twofold. Firstly, to show my daughter what an active and balanced lifestyle canlook like. Secondly, at heart I am a people person! find fulfillment racing alongside others whoshare my values and interests. Being a part of a team that is supportive, collaborative, andcommitted to achieving great things together inspires me to reach for my potential."

You really are such a natural connector. Being part of the Every Man Jack Tri-Team, you all embody similar values, especially within the company motto of "inspiring others to take care of themselves and connect with the world around them." As sucha people person, how do you inspire others to take care of themselves and connect with the natural world?

"By living authentic and transparent lives we (my wife and I) invite others alongside as we pursue passions together. The simple saying 'actions speak louder than words."

"I got my first job at the age of twelve at a dairy farm milking cows. It was here that I learned chocolate milk does in fact, come from brown cows!”

“My guilty pleasure is buying the largest bag of candies at the store and pretending like I didn’t just eat the entire bag in a day…”

“Traveling through Switzerland and we did this “go kart” downhill tour that was wild. My wife had absolutely no fear riding along the gravel along steep drops as I tried to keep up…”

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