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It's Time To Care About Sun Care


We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you (yes, you, reader) that your skin looks pretty darn good right now. We can’t believe you’re your current age. You don’t look a day over your current age minus 3 years.

Effusive compliments aside, we want you to look this young forever. And if you’re the type of person to spend hours a day in the summer sun without any sort of protection, it’s unfortunate that your dashing good looks will not last.

This summer (and every day for that matter), we're all about taking on Summer Responsibly. What's that mean? It's about balancing the thrills of the season with an ever-so-slightly heightened sense of awareness -- not just for yourself, but for those around you too. Think socially-distanced dawn patrol. Epic air-fives after reaching the summit. And finally, taking care of your skin as you soak it all in -- and that's where we can help.

Every Man Jack would like to introduce you to Sun Care designed by men, for men who love spending time in the sun, but hate the inevitable sunburn that inhibits movement and causes pain every time you attempt to wear a shirt.

Every Man Jack’s new Sun Care line is the front line of protection your skin needs to avoid sunburns, and the long-term harm caused by UV rays, but optimized for your health, and for the health of the environment.

If this article were about all of the things our Sun Care does, you'd be here all day. Instead, we'd rather tell you about what it doesn't do:

  • It does not make you smell like a coconut-themed dance party
  • It does not come off as soon as you start sweating
  • It does not cause harm to the ocean, and her inhabitants
  • It does not contain oxybenzone

Fragrance Free
Our Sunscreen is fragrance-free. While some people love the smell of Sunscreen, we know it’s not some people’s favorite smell in the world. Our Sunscreen smells like nothing so that you can choose what you want to smell like. There’s no reason you have to choose between being safe in the sun and having the smell of Sunscreen conflict with the fragrance you may already be wearing.

Our Sunscreen is sweat-proof. For someone who loves to spend summer days being active, running, playing sports, or working with your hands, we’ve got you covered. We all grow tired of the feeling of sweat and Sunscreen rolling down your forehead. The inconvenience of reapplying Sunscreen more often than you’d like is common with average Sunscreen, but not with us. Sweat-proof Sunscreen is a necessity for an active gentleman.

Ocean & Reef Safe
Many Sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that -- when worn into the Ocean -- can be detrimental to aquatic life. Ingredients like oxybenzone contribute to a phenomenon called coral bleaching, which causes corals to expel algae, turning them completely white. While this does not kill the coral, it leaves it vulnerable to disease and stunts their growth. While it may be tough to empathize with a coral reef, we’re here to tell you that it does not need Sunscreen to protect itself from the sun. Bleaching doesn’t look good on anyone. Our Sun Care line is oxybenzone free, to ensure that the users of the product can protect the ocean while protecting themselves.

Long-Term Skin Safety
Another thing that generic Sunscreens often do not contain is two ingredients known as avobenzone and zinc oxide. These ingredients are crucial to protect your skin from UVA rays. While the SPF protects you from UVB rays (the rays that cause sunburn), those two ingredients protect you from the rays that dive deep into your skin that cause premature ageing and increase your risk of skin cancer. Every Man Jack Sunscreen provides protection from BOTH types of rays, to keep you looking young for longer.

What About Your Face?
You may have noticed that we carry sunscreen for your body and your face. While the level of protection is the same, facial Sunscreens are plain-old easier on your face. Face Sunscreen is lighter and more absorbable. If you’re prone to acne, you may experience breakouts if you’re using regular Sunscreen on your face. Every Man Jack provides the option for both because we know how important it is to keep your skin clean and youthful...and Sunscreen is much cheaper than botox.

Let’s be real: you’re a grown-up. You don’t need us to tell you WHY you should wear Sunscreen.

But it is our goal to make Sunscreen better. We want your experience using Sunscreen to be more comfortable, and more convenient for everyday use.