Father’s Day Ideas: Activities for a Memorable Weekend with Dad
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Father’s Day Ideas: Activities for a Memorable Weekend with Dad

by Jeffery Racheff

Father's Day is not just another date on the calendar – it's a golden opportunity for dads to get their sons into trouble without mom ever finding out.

As a brand that helps men (including fathers) take care of themselves, we’re taking a moment to celebrate dads everywhere with a curated list of mostly harmless father-son activities that will make this Father's Day weekend one to remember.

Go Camping

Nothing says bonding like a weekend together eating canned tuna and fighting off mosquitoes. Whether you head into the wilderness or throw up a tent in the backyard, camping is a great way to teach your son about the outdoors.

You can share stories around the campfire, explore local hiking trails, and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Maybe cook up some Sloppy Joes to teach him the art of fine cuisine.

Opportunities for lessons abound. Together you can explore how to set up a tent, start a fire safely, and even cook over an open flame. Just make sure to warn mom before you set the lawn on fire.


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Learn Something New Together

A great way for dads to bond with their sons (and get a little free child labor) is by tackling a hands-on project together. Everything from constructing a birdhouse, a soapbox car, or even assembling a new piece of furniture for the home can help you grow closer.

These projects not only teach valuable skills while offering lots of fun. It’s satisfying to see what you can accomplish together, plus it’s a great metaphor for building a relationship — one piece at a time. Besides, that driveway ain’t gonna repave itself! 

Another idea: try cooking a meal together. Pick a recipe neither of you has tried before and learn it on the fly. This is a practical skill that’s great for young ones to learn early. It also means mom can finally kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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Attend a Sporting Event

Whether or not you’re a sport’s fan, attending a game together is a thrilling way to be on the same team. The excitement of the crowd, the dynamics of the game, the opportunity to yell at the opposing team – it’s all a perfect backdrop for building excitement and camaraderie.

Not into pricey tickets? Take a bike ride through your neighborhood together. Biking is excellent for health, easy to learn, and something that can be adjusted to various fitness levels. It’s also a great way to explore new areas together.


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Visit a Museum

Stimulate curiosity and learning by spending a few hours at a museum or science center. Whether it’s history, art, or science, these visits can spark new interests and offer lots of topics for discussion.

Or you could explore the stars by visiting a planetarium. Nurture his curiosity in the cosmos by igniting an interest in astronomy and the universe. Who knows, you might be raising an adorable little nerd!

Go to the Barber

Turn your Father’s Day into a close shave with a father-son grooming session. It could be as simple as teaching your son how to shave, visiting a local barber for a professional shave and haircut, or even a full grooming day with facials and skincare advice.

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In the End …

… it’s not about what you do for Father’s Day. It’s that you do it together. So try to choose activities that will not only entertain but also help you and your son grow closer. 

And if you’re ever in doubt about what to get your dad or son (or uncle or grandfather or random guy friend), head to our shop for a full collection of great-smelling grooming supplies.

Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there making a difference in their sons' lives!