Meet Our Ambassadors

At Every Man Jack, we are on a mission to share our great smelling, effective, and good for the planet grooming products with men everywhere. We're curating a mix of adventure seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, and planet loving content creators to upgrade their routines and share about our naturally derived, outdoor inspired, and responsibly made grooming products

I love connecting with nature. Getting out into the mountains is one of the most awe-inspiring things.

Michael Schnare, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Andy Neal
Plus size hiker, model, content creator
Medford, OR
Prashanth Ganesh
Every Man Jack Triathlon Team Member
Livermore, CA
Jeremy Heath
Runner, Outdoor Adventurer & Content Creator
Mesa, AZ
Lindsey Gamble
Outdoor/Lifestyle Creator and an Influencer Marketing & Innovation Strategist
Boston, MA
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We’re looking for passionate individuals looking to partner with us to share our outdoor inspired and naturally derived products with men throughout your communities.

Michael Schnare
Every Man Jack Triathlon Team Member
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Todd Grigorian
Creator, motivator, athelete
Burbank, CA
Jake Singer
Content Creator
Pittsburgh, PA
Danner Pickering
Athlete, Ambassador, Coach, Outdoor adventurer
Whitefish, MT